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Experts from online pharmacy reported increasing of penis size can cause health issues

The impressive size of the sexual organ is often associated with courage and high sexual activity. However, according to ViaQX publications, women in 85% of cases are satisfied with the size of a partner’s penis, while almost half of men find the size of their penis not large enough. Adult movies create unrealistic ideas about this part of the male body. As a result, many men doubt the “correctness” of their own genitalia.

Some men cope with their difficulties at the consultation of a urologist or psychotherapist, but there are others who prefer to seek help from the Internet. On the Internet, you can find everything from ED drugs such as Cialis and Viagra to various services to increase the size of the male sexual organ in length and thickness.

An international team of scientists and urologists from Italy and the UK conducted a systematic review of 17 different studies involving 1,192 men who considered their penis small. Of these, 525 underwent surgery and 248 non-surgical interventions to enlarge the penis. So-called extenders, fillers, and vacuum pumps were used for non-surgical increases. Scientists found that only a few men who used extenders noted a slight elongation of the reproductive organ – no more than two centimeters. Injecting procedures often had various complications, and the use of a vacuum pump did not affect the size of the phallus at all.

During surgical enlargement, the penis is filled with men’s fat. Despite the fact that some patients noted a “significant increase” in the penis after such operations, their impressions were not supported by objective data. More science reviews state that none of the surgical and non-surgical techniques used was reliably effective. But complications in those who wanted to increase the strategically important part of their body of men developed quite often. Recall that the most common complications of operations and “treatment” fillers include sensitivity and erection disorders, infection, and inflammation of the postoperative injury. Besides, the formation of scars can deform the penis and disrupt its function.

Needless to say, how many psychological problems can cause disorders in this sensitive area. In the end, ineffective and often questionable methods of penis enlargement can have a very negative impact on a man’s health and quality of life. The authors of the study emphasize the fact that after a thorough and informative conversation with a specialist, many men who wanted to enlarge the penis, recognized that they have no particular problems with the penis and refused such procedures and operations.