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The Brain Health Education and Research Institute’s mission is to change the way we address protection from, and treatment of, all forms brain injury. From proactively taking care of our brain health on an ongoing basis, to post-injury treatment, to recovery, BHERI is committed to being at the forefront of research and education. Omega-3 fatty acids, especially docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), are critical to brain health and are one of the principal building blocks of the brain. BHERI supports Continuing research on Omega-3′s (ALA, DHA & EPA) and their impact on brain health. To learn more about our Mission, please visit our Mission page.

Recent Articles and News

Billions of Dollars in Health Care Costs Could Be Saved Through Fish Oil Supplementation

Billions of dollars in health care costs could be saved if older Americans with heart disease took Omega 3 fish oil supplements, according to a new study. The report, conducted by global consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, estimates that nearly $4 billion in total costs through the year 2020 would be eliminated if all Americans…

Is a Low-Fat Diet Making You Fat?

If you’re cutting back on all fats in your diet, you may be doing yourself more harm than good. That’s the upshot of the latest nutritional research that concludes some fats are not only good for us, but they can actually help shed pounds. In fact, avoiding such fats — in favor of low-fat, high-carb…

Dr. Lewis on Fox45 Baltimore Morning News – Thursday, August 7th

Be sure to tune in Thursday morning at www.foxbaltimore.com for Fox Baltimore (Fox45 Morning News). Dr. Michael Lewis, retired Army Colonel and president of Brain Health Education and Research Institute, will be discussing preventing and treating concussions on the playing field Date: Thursday, August 7th Air Time: 7:48am  / 7:54am (live viewer questions)

Eating Fish Once A Week Boosts Brain Power

In the latest study to confirm that fish is brain food, Pitt researchers found eating baked or broiled fish once a week can keep you mentally sharp as you grow older, reducing the risk of developing dementia and other mental health disorders. The findings, reported by scientists with the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in the American Journal…